Even the coldest of hearts melt at the sight of those cute, little puppy dog eyes. Who wouldn’t want to give their new furry friend the best possible start in life? So right from the start it’s essential that your pup receives the right nutrition in their diet to grow into a healthy and happy dog.

Choosing the right puppy food

Puppies usually start on wet or dry dog food food at eight weeks old. Find out what they are currently eating and stick with that for a few days. Gradually change the puppy food to what you are happy with over a one week period.

Mix new and old food over the period to ease the transition between the two foods which will be easier on your little pup’s tummy.

Puppy feeding

Puppies need a special diet to make sure they are getting all of the essential nutrients they need. Two important elements in puppy nutrition are calcium to keep bones and teeth strong, and protein to help muscle development. Puppy food is more easily digested.

Butcher’s Puppy food range contains all the goodness your puppy needs to grow up to be as ‘Fit as a Butcher’s dog’.

Puppy food checklist

When feeding a puppy, look out for these features in your choice of puppy food:

• High quality protein which is easily digestible
• As puppies grow fast and are very playful they may need more calories and energy through fat. Fats are also good for a healthy skin and glossy coat
• Puppy food contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals your growing dog needs

How do you know if your puppy likes the food?

The best way to judge is if they are excited to be fed and seem to enjoy it.

If your pup’s poo is runny or odd coloured that may be a sign a food doesn’t agree with them. If it persists go and see your vet.

Feeding puppies

Puppies have little tummies but big appetites so when feeding a puppy it should be little and often.

How to feed a puppy? We recommend feeding puppies three meals a day for the first six months of life and two meals a day for the next six, until they reach the age of one.

It is ok to feed wet puppy food and dry puppy food as either contains the nutrients your puppy needs, as long as it’s a complete food.

Feeding wet or dry puppy food is a personal choice as long as it’s a complete food, this ensures they are getting everything they need to grow fit and healthy. All complete dog foods should state on the pack, if not may be complementary.

Puppy feeding should happen at regular times of the day, and it should be accompanied by fresh, room-temperature drinking water.

There is a puppy feeding guide on every Butcher’s puppy product.

How much to feed a puppy will depend on the dog breed and how much play time your puppy enjoys.

When is your puppy ready for adult food?

Different breeds and sizes of dogs have different growth rates and so it varies as to when your puppy is classed as an adult.

The smaller your breed of dog the quicker it grows as a puppy. The larger the breed the longer it takes to grow.

Larger breed puppies require a specific balanced diet of fat, calcium and phosphorus to cater for their steady growth rate.  Download our Puppy Growth Development Chart to find out when your puppy becomes an adult.

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Butcher’s Puppy

Butcher’s Puppy has the right balance of essential nutrients. Our specially formulated puppy food recipes have 7 great health benefits ensuring your puppy will grow up full of life.

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Butcher’s Choice is a tasty and convenient option for your dog. It’s a nutritionally balanced complete meal delivering the meaty goodness you can always rely on from Butcher’s.

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Butcher’s is soya and gluten free with no artificial preservatives and flavours. We were the first company to market a Tripe based dog food and we’re still No 1 for Tripe today, dogs love it!

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