Puppy Development –  Month 9 to 11

Your puppy is still in the teenage stage and it can become a difficult time. Your puppy will probably have more energy, spend more time exploring the environment, become easily distracted, and may even seem less interested and forgetful of his training.

Be patient and make sure you have your boundaries in place, review your training and stick at it.

Your puppy will now begin to acquire an adult coat and grow to almost his full height.  During this time, he will also become sexually mature, so this is the best time to get your puppy spayed or neutered … before related behavior problems develop!

Learn more about dog spraying and neutering.

Feeding & Nutrition

You may find that his appetite is still not the same as it was when he was younger. He may not eat as quickly or he may leave some and come back to it later. Don’t worry if this happens just be sure to keep an eye out if this persists and if his weight changes dramatically but this is perfectly normal.

Training, Exercise & Play

He may still be challenging you and be inconsistent or not bothered about his training.

Be sure to Repeat, Reward and Reinforce all the training you have done already so it keeps fresh in his mind.

Remember if he has misbehaved don’t punish after the event as he won’t understand and may misbehave again.

Puppy Care

Your puppy is becoming sexually mature so this may be the time to consider what you want to do with regards to breeding.
If you don’t want to breed from your dog neutering is necessary.

It has other benefits for the overall health and wellbeing of your dog.

For females – spaying

  • Prevents pregnancy
  • Prevent twice a year bleeding in season
  • Prevents unwanted male dog attention
  • Prevents phantom pregnancies
  • Prevents uterus infections

For males – castration

  • Prevents testicular cancer
  • Reduces aggressive or sexual behaviour in males
  • Prevents males wandering off for female attention

For advice on when to neuter your puppy please consult with your vet.

  • Neutered / Spayed
  • Repeat, Reward and Reinforce any training