Puppy Development – Month 7

You are half way through the teenage stage and your puppy is hopefully becoming better behaved over time.

Keep on top of his training at all times so he knows what’s right and wrong.

For information on how to train your puppy to follow basic training commands, visit our Training, Exercise and Play page.

Feeding & Nutrition

Continue to feed as normal and keep monitoring his weight levels during this teenage stage as his appetite can fluctuate.

Training, Exercise & Play

Dog agility training is a great sport and is fun for you and your puppy. It is fast paced and can be very competitive if continued further. Agility is a course of jumps, hurdles, ramps and fast sprinting your dog has to complete in the quickest time. This is a great sport and is putting all your training so far to the test. It may take a while to train your puppy so be patient with them and remember repeat, reward and reinforce. There are bound to be plenty of agility classes in your local area.

Puppy Care

Your puppy’s body is changing constantly, he is growing into his big paws and his coat is getting longer so you need to try and do a weekly dog health check so you become familiar with your puppy and the changes that are happening. If you find anything that concerns you please consult your vet.

If your dog is getting a long coat make sure you brush it weekly to keep it looking healthy not mattered and it may be worth looking into groomers in your area to keep it short. Make sure you don’t wash it too often as this can irritate their skin if you do it too much.

Puppy Checklist
  • Weekly dog health check
  • Make your puppy familiar with car journeys
  • Brush his teeth on a regular basis
  • Socialise with other dogs