Puppy Development – Month 6

Your puppy is still at teenage stage and this can last until they are about 11 months old.

His adult teeth are fully developed so keep on top of dog dental cleaning by brushing his teeth on a regular basis to keep his gums and teeth healthy.

For more information on taking care of your puppy, visit our Puppy Care page.

Feeding & Nutrition

Continue to feed as normal and keep monitoring his weight levels during this teenage stage as his appetite can fluctuate.

Training, Exercise & Play

Keep on top of puppy training as they can misbehave if you let them. Get him used to following instructions from other family members. Remember Repeat, Reward and Reinforce to improve puppy behaviour.

As he starts to explore more try introducing your puppy to more locations, sounds and smells as it will help him become more confident. Keep an eye out for any ticks and fleas as your puppy goes on more adventures.

Puppy Care

First journey in the car can be very scary for your puppy so you need to try and make it a calm and comfortable experience for your puppy.

You first need to ensure you have everything you need for your car journey:

  • Collar and lead
  • Name tag – required by law
  • Micro chipped – optional
  • Water/food bowls and dog food if planning to be gone for the night
  • A blanket for you dog to sit/sleep on with a familiar smell
  • Poo bags

You may want to avoid feeding your puppy puppy food a couple of hours before the journey as they may be car sick.

Ask the driver to be extra careful when breaking, accelerating and sharp corners as they may fall around and make them anxious.

Dogs are not allowed in the front of the car so keep them either on the back seat or in the boot of a hatch back car.

Never leave your dog in a car alone this can be very dangerous as they may overheat due to not being able to control their body temperature.

  • Brush his teeth on a regular basis
  • Take him on his first car journey