Puppy Development – Month 5

The teenager stage has kicked in with a vengeance and your puppy is starting to show his bratty attitude. You may wonder where your sweet, obedient little puppy has gone?

Don’t worry it’s just a phase. He’s testing your patience and breaking all the rules you have taught him up to now. He’ll need a lot of discipline, so be sure to keep on top of puppy training.

He’s starting to look a little bigger and grow out of his puppy look. His limbs are starting to look longer and he is getting a slender bone structure. He’s still teething with his permanent teeth fully through so be sure to have some toys ready for him to chew on.

For hints and tips on how to stop puppy biting and chewing see our puppy training, exercise and play page.

Feeding & Nutrition

You may find that his appetite will slow down during this stage. He may not eat as quickly or leave some and come back to it later. Do not worry if this happens, just be sure to keep an eye out if is persists and if his weight changes dramatically but this is perfectly normal.

See our puppy nutrition page for key advice on feeding a puppy.

Training, Exercise & Play

As he is a teenager your puppy may challenge you and throw all of his training out the window. Don’t slacken up on discipline and be sure to Repeat, Reward and Reinforce all the puppy training you have done already so it keeps it fresh in his mind.

Remember if he has misbehaved don’t punish after the event as he’ll become very confused, and will probably misbehave again.

Puppy Care

As his appetite is fluctuating during this period be sure to keep an eye out on his weight and be sure he is eating something every day to keep his energy levels up.

Don’t overdo walkies because of potential problems with joints later in life.

Make sure you keep up the process of socialising, meeting other dogs and people.

As his permanent teeth are now fully through introduce a toothbrush to keep his gums and teeth healthy.

Ensure you start your weekly dog health checks to ensure you become familiar with your dog.

  • Repeat, Reward and Reinforce any training
  • Keep an eye out on his appetite and weight
  • Ensure he has a toy he can chew on
  • Introduce a toothbrush to keep his gums and teeth healthy