Puppy Development – Month 4

Your puppy has hit pre-teenager stage! Their behaviour may be a bit up and down. One minute they may be full of confidence and the next minute very shy and hiding behind you for support.

Like children hitting adolescence they may begin to show their stubborn side!

Puppy’s first teeth will start to make an appearance so they’ll need plenty of suitable items to gnaw on. You can buy lots of different dog chews and toys. It’s up to you to show them the difference between what’s good to chew on and what’s off limits, like your best shoes or child’s favourite doll!

Further advice on puppy house training.

Feeding & Nutrition

Puppies should be on a wet dog food like Butcher’s Puppy food. Continue to monitor him to make sure he is eating well.

Training, Exercise & Play

Your puppy will now most likely have had all of the jabs he needs so a whole new world of walkies opens up to him!

Make sure he has a short walk twice a day. Its great exercise and fun for both of you.

Now that you have hopefully introduced basic house training move onto developing the training skills:

  • Sit
  • Recall
  • Wait
  • Socialisation with other dogs

See our puppy training page for top tips on teaching a puppy to wait.

Puppy Care

Vaccinations should be all up to date. See Month 2 for more information.

It’s now time for him to enjoy being a puppy and going for those walks I’m sure he loves.