Puppy Development – Month 2

The puppy’s senses awaken. It should be starting to walk by the start of this month. The puppy shouldn’t be separated from its mum for long periods during the day.

A puppy should remain with its siblings until it is at least eight weeks old. This period is crucial for establishing a dog’s identity and insuring its life-long stability.

The puppy is able to pee and poo on its own without mum’s help and its teeth are starting to grow.

For advice on getting ready for a new puppy, visit our Welcoming your new puppy page which contains everything you need to know about puppy proofing your home!

Feeding & Nutrition

Mother begins to wean them and the puppy becomes completely independent from mum. Puppies should be weaned onto solid food such as gruel which is kibble soaked in milk or water. Weetabix is a good alternative.

They are generally fed this until they are 7 to 8 weeks old.

Training, Exercise & Play

Mum will start to teach them discipline as the puppy socialises with its siblings and learns bite inhibition, which is biting with a soft mouth, through puppy play-biting.

During this time, as there are critical lessons that the puppy must learn from their mum and siblings, they should not be removed from their original homes before 8 weeks.

Puppy Care

Standard dog vaccinations for a puppy tend to occur around 6 weeks of age and tend to be a course of two jabs, two weeks apart. You may find the owner or breeder completes the first set of jabs and once the puppy has found another home the new owner completes the second set.
It is important that your puppy doesn’t interact with other dogs except mum and siblings from the same litter, until the vaccinations are complete to avoid infection.

The vaccinations they require are:

• Canine parvovirus
• Canine distemper virus
• Leptospirosis
• Infectious canine hepatitis.

When your puppy has its first jabs make sure they de flea and worm him at the same time. Download our Dog Vaccination Tracker to monitor your puppy’s vaccinations from puppy into adulthood.

  • Dog food – Weetabix/ gruel
  • First vaccinations
  • Flea ed & wormed