Puppy Development – Month 12+

By this time some dogs are approaching adulthood and some have a little way to go.

If you have a small breed dog you will find that they are fully grown adults after 12 months. However, if you have a larger breed dog it may take a few months longer before he leaves the juvenile period, download our Puppy Growth Chart to find out when your pup reaches adulthood.

Feeding & Nutrition

It’s time to stop the puppy food and move onto an adult dog food as their nutritional needs have changed as your dog becomes fully grown.

It’s always best to keep to the same brand of dog food that you have been feeding as your puppy has become used to it.

Be sure when changing your dog food you mix new and old food over a period of 1 week to ease the transition between the two foods which will be easier on your puppy’s tummy.

Butcher’s offers a range of meaty dog food in a can or a foil tray in a variety of delicious recipes.

Training, Exercise & Play

Keep on top of his training, there is always more you can teach them if they are fully house trained and do as you say.

Make sure he’s having the daily exercise he needs. He can walk much further now so take him on difference walks to introduce him to new smells and sounds.

Puppy Care

Your puppy is now an adult and it may be worth booking an appointment with your vet to have his annual booster jabs, to make sure he remains protected.

  • Book a vet appointment for a booster jab
  • Change your puppy to food to adult