Puppy Development – Month 1

In the first month puppies are pretty helpless for the first couple of weeks of life, relying on their mum for milk and warmth.

The puppy’s eyes, ears and nose don’t start to work properly until the second and third week.

They haven’t got any teeth in the first month either.

Most of the time they’ll be sleeping which is vital for a newborn as this is where they develop and grow.

When they hit three weeks old they are becoming more active, starting to toddle around and play with their siblings.

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Feeding & Nutrition

All they need in the first month is their mother’s milk.

It provides them with all of the essential nutrients to set them up for a healthy puppyhood.

Training, Exercise & Play

At this early stage there’s no need for training. The puppy stays close to its mum and she will start to train her litter.

She’ll lick the puppies’ bottom region to encourage them to pee and poo.

Puppy Care

The main carer is the mum, so there’s very little for the owner to do.

Very gentle handling of puppies from birth gets them used to human contact and makes for a more socialised dog later.

  • Ensure your puppies are getting the milk from their mum