A dog is usually classed as a puppy from birth to a year but it does depend on the size and breed to how quickly they develop.

View or download our Puppy Growth Chart so you can track your puppy’s development and see when your puppy becomes an adult.

The first year of puppy development sets your dog up for the rest of his life. A lot goes on over that year, he turns from a helpless bundle that can’t see or hear to an energetic and happy grown-up dog.

Your puppy’s evolution into a healthy dog relies a lot on the food you give him. They need nutritionally balanced food for energy and good puppy development.

Puppies grow up to fulfil many different roles. They may be companion dogs, athletic dogs, exhibition dogs or working dogs.

It is important to provide the right amount of energy so it matches your puppy’s rate and phase of growth.

A healthy start

This first year lays the foundations for the health of the dog over its entire lifetime. During the first year of puppy development, your puppy will form strong and healthy muscles, a properly developed digestive tract, circulatory and respiratory system, as well as immune system and healthy skin.

This is a time when the body needs the right nutrients and energy to set it up for the rest of its life.

Take a look through our month by month guides for everything you need to know about puppy development in their first year.


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