Puppies are a delight. They are bundles of fun but also a big responsibility. Dogs are a long term commitment and will be part of your family for up to 15 years or more. Choosing a new puppy can be a hard decision, Butcher’s has put together a few key questions to help make it easier.

Are you ready for a puppy?

They make great companions but looking after puppies and dogs takes time, hard work and money! Puppies, like babies, need lots of care and attention. Have you got the time to devote to them?

Choosing a puppy

Once you’re 100% certain a puppy is for you, think about what dog breed will suit you best.

There are certain things to consider when choosing a new puppy – will you have enough room or a big enough garden for a large dog? Some breeds need more exercise than others. Research which types of dog are particularly good with children if you have a family.

Can you afford it?

It’s hard to put a price on the joy a puppy can bring to your life. Butcher’s has put together a Puppy Checklist of essentials and nice to haves to take into consideration.

It’s not just food and water, all puppies need essentials which can add up. We’re talking annual vet visits, vaccinations, a bed, toys, a collar and lead. You may also want to think about pet insurance.

There is an initial set up cost of having a puppy but once you have the essentials, it’s just the ongoing annual costs you have to take into consideration.

Where to get your puppy from?

When searching to buy a puppy, it can be very baffling on where to start and who to trust. There are so many different options and places to go.

You can get a puppy from an animal charity rescue home like:

Breeders also sell puppies. Puppies should stay with their mum until they are eight weeks old. If possible, make sure you view a puppy and also see its parents or at least its mum. It’ll give you an idea of their temperament and size they’ll grow to.

If you are buying a pedigree breed of dog, make sure to ask for the paperwork to prove the ancestry of your puppy. If from outside the UK, make sure you have a copy of the dog passport or the vet certificates.

Only get one puppy to start with

When getting a puppy never get two puppies at the same time. They will fight and play with each other and the owner will not get any interaction from them. It’s best to get one puppy to start and then introduce another later. This way they can then determine who is dominant/the leader.

If you do get two puppies never get two males or females as they may fight. You’re better off getting a male and a female and getting one of them spayed.

Other considerations

If you rent, your landlord may not allow pets so check first.

When you go on holiday, think about who’s going to look after your puppy or whether you can afford kennels. You could take your puppy on holiday with you and make it extra fun!

Food and jabs

Check which vaccinations they have already had, what they need and whether they have been wormed.
Find out what food the puppy is currently being fed. We recommend that you continue with their current food that until you have decided what to feed. Butcher’s offers a delicious Puppy dog food range.

If you found this helpful, read our Welcoming your puppy page which provides advice on puppy proofing your home.

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