Best Dog Food For

Your dog’s diet and nutrition needs change throughout its life. Butcher’s nutritionists have developed the perfect product to match each stage of your dog’s journey, from puppy to senior and everything in between. 

Best food for puppy

Growing puppies need special treatment. They need a carefully balanced diet to give them the best start in life.

Butcher’s Puppy is a complete food with added B vitamins for healthy growth and development and calcium for strong bones and teeth. It’s high protein for muscle development and gluten free to protect sensitive stomachs.

Best dog food for adult dogs

Our Butcher’s dog food is 100% complete giving your dog all of the essential vitamins and minerals they need. Whether you prefer feeding chunks in gravy, chunks in jelly or loaf the range caters for your adult dog’s every need.

It’s packed with tasty protein, just the meaty goodness your dog loves. If you prefer mixed feeding please select a good quality complete dry food, maybe with a tasty topping of Butcher’s Choice.

For a dog food with succulent meaty pieces, try Butcher’s Superior recipes.

Best dog food for senior dogs

It’s important to feed the right diet suitable for an ageing dog whose bones may be aching and whose digestion is slowing down. For dogs of 8 years and over we recommend Butcher’s Senior.

Senior recipes have added chicory oil to encourage a healthy digestive tract. Our canned senior recipes contain salmon oil which is high is Omega 3 which is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it works so well to ease symptoms of joint pain.


Best dog food for dog’s joints

Joint problems are pretty common in dogs. Certain breeds are more susceptible, agility dogs and working dogs also need to take good care of their joints as do dogs that are carrying an injury.

Difficulties with joints and mobility may affect as many as 9 out of 10 dogs over the age of 5 but prevention is better than cure as even in the first year of life a dog can start to experience joint damage.

Best dog food for dog weight loss

With a third of dogs in the UK now overweight or obese Butcher’s have developed a product for dog weight loss and weight maintenance.

Butcher’s Lean & Tasty has the same great taste but 30% fewer calories. It’s ideal if your dog needs to drop a few pounds. It’s diet food for dogs but with the same meaty goodness.

Best food for small dogs

All of the Butcher’s products are suitable for small dogs, but small dogs often don’t eat as much as bigger dogs so food in foil trays may be a better choice.

Butcher’s Choice is a stand alone 100% food for all dogs but may be particularly suited to smaller dogs as it comes in foil trays. It also has a Lean and Tasty version.