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The first step to caring for your dog is giving them a good diet. Your dog depends on you for food and what they eat has a direct link to their health and wellbeing. It’s you who makes the decision about the type of dog food to choose. So understandably you want to know what’s the best natural dog food for your pet? You’ll want to make sure that your dog’s diet is nutritious and tasty as well as containing the right balance of vitamins and minerals to keep them in tip top condition. Finding a dog food which delivers on taste as well as dog nutrition is important. There are different dog foods available for different stages in their life.

Types of dog food

The pet food aisle can be a confusing place for a dog owner. There’s so much choice but with so many types of dog food available you’ll want to be certain to choose the best dog food for your dog. We give you a dog food comparison so you can decide what’s the most suitable product to feed your pet.

There are three ways when it comes to dog feeding. Wet dog food only, dry dog food only or mixed feeding where you combine the two.

We give you the benefits of each method of feeding, taking into account calories, feeding routines, your lifestyle, and storage.

Your dog’s preference may also play a part in the decision. They may favour wet food over dry or vice versa. Whatever they fancy there’s bound to be a Butcher’s dog food to tempt their taste buds.

What goes into Butcher’s dog food

Butcher’s is all about the meaty goodness.  We believe a natural dog food diet of tasty meat is an essential part to looking after your dog.

We were way ahead of our time, producing gluten and soya-free dog food with no artificial preservatives, colours and flavours more than 25 years ago and we hold those values of natural nutrition at our core today.

The ingredients we use in all our dog food comes from plant and animal products which are ethically sourced. We don’t bulk out our pet food with cereal or soya. We make sure we pack as much high protein meat as possible into the recipes. Our dog food contains all of the vitamins and minerals that your dog needs so you don’t need to give them any extra food or snacks.

Dogs are carnivores so meat should play an essential part in their diet. Their bodies are made for meat-eating. They have short digestive tracts which aren’t made for digesting a high carbohydrate diet; a strong acidic stomach to help break meat down and their sharp teeth and strong jaws are designed for ripping and shredding, not grinding grains and vegetation.

That’s why we’re all about the meat!  Try out our products and see what your dog thinks! We’re passionate about real, wholesome food. If your dog could talk we’re confident they’d choose Butcher’s!

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Best dog food for small, medium and large breed dogs

Different types of dog have different food needs. Bigger dogs and dogs which do a lot of exercise, need more calories. Butcher’s has a product to match every stage of your dog’s life from puppy food to special dog food for seniors.

For puppies we have a special range of puppy food specially developed for little tummies. Puppies are very active and grow fast. They need food that is nutritionally balanced to support growth and development. It’s easier to digest and full of energy rich products and is generally high in calories.


As dogs get older it’s important to feed them the right diet. Dogs aged 8 and over need less protein and fewer calories as they aren’t as active.

Their digestive system gets a bit more sluggish and their joints may start to ache so opt for a dog food for senior dogs with special ingredients to help joints and digestion.


Like us dogs have an optimum daily calorie intake and different products have different numbers of calories. Our Lean and Tasty dog food contains the same great taste but fewer calories if your dog needs to drop a few pounds. With more than 1 in 3 dogs in the UK either overweight or obese we know you’ll want to make sure your dog loses any extra weight. It’s diet food for dogs but with the same meaty taste.

Our dog food comes in cans and foils so you can pick an option which suits your dog best.

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