Fascinating Dog Facts

Research reveals humans and dogs have been friends for at least 30,000 years, potentially even more. It’s a long and loyal love affair, and over the millennia our relationship with our canine friends has given millions of people and their dogs great pleasure. We thought we’d pull together some fascinating facts about our best friend.

Amazing facts about dogs
  1. The most popular Butcher’s dog name is Ruby. Next in line come Max, Bono, Charlie, Beethoven and Molly
  2. A fascinating 2002 study showed that dogs are often much more relaxed and better behaved when they listen to classical music, compared to pop or heavy metal
  3. Battersea Dogs Home uses music to calm dogs. They avoid loud and raucous music in favour of easy listening and classical, but when they play Classic FM all day the dogs eventually tune the music out, just like humans do
  4. The Ancient Egyptians went into deep mourning when their beloved pet dogs died, part of which involved shaving off their eyebrows!
  5. Plato believed that dogs have the soul of a philosopher
  6. There are more than 150 dog breeds, divided into 8 different classes: sporting dogs, hounds, working dogs, terriers, toy dogs, herders, non-sporting dogs and ‘miscellaneous’ dogs
  7. Dogs can see blues, greenish yellows, yellow and grey (alongside black and white?)
  8. Thanks to a special membrane in their eyes called the tapetum lucidum, dogs can easily see in the dark
  9. 72% of dog owners think their pet can detect when storms are on the way

  1. Almost 10% of dog owners confessed to accidentally calling their child or partner by their dog’s name
  2. There are remarkable similarities between what we call our dogs and what we call our children! 11 of the top 20 dog names from our poll are also on the Office of National Statistic’s most popular baby name lists
  3. Our research found that people’s childhood dogs tended to be named after characteristics like their colour or personality
  4. The world’s biggest dog was called Zorba, an English mastiff weighing almost 25 stone and more than 8 feet long
  5. The average dog can run at around 19 miles an hour. Greyhounds run as fast as 45mph for short distances
  6. There are more than a dozen different muscles to control a dog’s ear
  7. The loyal, loving, intelligent Labrador is Britain’s favourite dog breed.
  8. Research proves how dogs have a very keen sense of fair play. If you play with one dog more than another, the favoured dog will quickly become anxious
  9. Stroking and loving your dog actually reduces your blood pressure
  10. In 2003 Dr. Roger Mugford’s invented a wagometer, which measured dog moods according to how much their tails wagged
  11. Dogs can chase their tails for all sorts of reasons: for fun, for exercise, because they’re worried and because of fleas
  12. Dogs only sweat through the pads on their feet
  1. The Mongol ruler and Emperor of China, Kublai Kahn, owned more than 5000 mastiffs
  2. Bluey the Aussie cattle dog lived for 25 years, a world record
  3. why does your dog kick the ground after going to the loo? It’s to mark their territory with the special scent glands on their feet
  4. Almost 45% of dogs sleep in/on their owner’s beds
  5. Dogs have around 1,700 taste buds and we humans have about 9,000. But a doggie sense of smell is up to 100,000 times better than ours
  6. Puppies have 28 teeth. Grown up dogs have 42
  7. Dogs can get jealous when their humans pay too much attention to other animals, other humans and even inanimate objects

Like every human, every dog is unique. They each have their own personality. That’s one of the reasons we love them so much. What does your dog do that no other dog you’ve come across does? Follow us on social media and let us know.