Dog Exercise & Play

Exercise keeps your dog fit for life. Every dog needs daily exercise because an active dog is a healthy dog.

Running, walking and dog games all play a part in their exercise regime

How often should I walk my dog?

Dogs love being outside and dog walking is a favourite pastime. Our research shows:

“The average length of daily exercise is just over half an hour.

Worryingly, 3% of dogs are getting no exercise at all.

72% of respondents in our study either have a garden for their dog to play in or take their dog to an open space every day.”

Reference: Healthy Happy Hound Report

Some exercise is too much for one dog and just right for another, so it is up to you to find out what is best for your dog and fits it into your daily life. Any concerns consult your vet for advice on what types of exercise are suitable for your dog and how strenuous it should be.

Dog games

Is your dog a couch potato? Struggling to think of new play ideas? Like us some dogs find exercise a bit boring! If you inject a few dog games and a bit of excitement into it they won’t be able to resist.

Playing outside – Fetch is a classic game for dogs. It’s physically and mentally stimulating. It may hark back to an old instinct for catching prey or may just be a fun way to interact with you.

The smells of the great outdoors are a fantastic way to encourage your dog to exercise and trigger their doggy instincts take over, with all of those new scents and things to discover you dog will be running about it no time.

Swimming is an excellent exercise; it causes less stress on the joints and is a good choice if your dog is mature, has weight to lose or is carrying an injury. Some dogs simply love the water – even stagnant or muddy water so be warned! But remember to exercise within their limits. Do not to push your dog too much, it has to be fun and a game otherwise you may come across a stubborn dog who will not be budged!

Dog toys

You can make walks more energetic and fun by incorporating dog toys. Why not throw their rubber hoop around the field for them to catch and bring back to you. This will also put your training skills to practice!  Dog toys are a great way to encourage them to play dog games.

Ideal dog toys are durable, it’ll be thrown around and chewed a lot so it needs to be hard-wearing and engaging. Your dog should always be excited about playing with his toys, a squeaky dog toy is always good but not for every dog. It might be best to buy a washable dog toy as it is going to get dirty and covered with drool so being able to clean it is a must!

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