Dog Ownership

Getting a dog changes your life so it isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. You have to be really committed to looking after a dog as it may be part of your family for well over a decade. Having a happy relationship with your dog depends a lot on how well trained it is. We’ll focus on how to train your dog and how to toilet train your dog. Fun dog games to incorporate into training and how to get the best out of dog walking one of the many perks of being a dog owner!

What dog should I get?

You’ll need to think about what age of dog to get; an adult dog or a puppy? You need to do research to find out which breed of dog fits in best with you.

It’s down to individual family set ups and the personalities of the dogs and their owners. Labradors and golden retrievers are the most popular dogs in the UK according to the Kennel Club. The size of dog may be a consideration depending on your living arrangements and how much exercise it needs.

Once you’ve decided on what type of dog is right for you, you can look into where to get a dog

Dog walking

Walking a dog is the classic activity for owner and dog. You spend quality time together with both of you getting exercise keeping you and your dog healthy and active.

You can tell how much they enjoy it by the way your dog’s face lights up when you mention the ‘W’ word or jangle their lead. It sounds basic but there is a knack to dog walking. We’ve got plenty of dog walking tips. You don’t want your dog to take YOU for a walk, constantly pulling on the lead. It won’t be fun for either of you so teach your dog to walk at heel.

Dog obedience and training classes

Dog training classes are a great way to have the basics reinforced and to pick up tips from the experts. The Kennel Club run a Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme The Association of Pet Dog Trainers also run classes

Dog training

Whatever type of dog you get, if you want it to be happy and well- behaved dog training is essential. It benefits you and your dog. They enjoy the mental stimulation and physical exercise. Obedient dogs are simpler to manage, a pleasure to own and easier to love.

House training a dog

Start toilet training your puppy as soon as you get them home. You’ll be amazed at how often they need to go, so it takes vigilance and patience on your part. You’ll soon develop a unique understanding of your puppy’s toilet habits and be able to second guess them.

When they need a poo they often walk around in a circle and sniff about. That’s your cue to take them outside to the spot where you want them to go. They’ll often need a poo about 15 to 30 minutes after a meal. After a few days you’ll get to know your puppy’s toilet schedule. Keep a record of it if it helps. House training a dog can seem a frustrating task but it’s worth it!

How to train a dog

Repeat, Reward and Reinforce is the key dog training mantra. Repeat – keep trying to make them do what you want. This will help the dog learn what’s right and what’s wrong. Reward – rewarding your dog is a great way to encourage good behaviour. Reinforce – once you have rewarded try it again, dog training takes a lot of patience but it pays off in the long run.

We’ll guide you through dog training every step of the way. You’ll learn that you are the boss. You make the rules and the dog obeys them.We can help you teach your dog how to sit and rollover, as well as how to fetch or to come on command. They can’t speak our language so need to be taught what each command actually means. One word they’ll need to learn is their own name. Keep practising it. At the start, call them all the time just to get them used to responding to their name.

How to groom a dog

How often you groom your dog depends a lot on their breed and state of their fur. Fluffy dogs look really sweet and cuddly but can be high maintenance and take a long time to groom.

Different breeds need different amounts of brushing but most dogs could do with a going over once a week. Get rid of any mats and tangles and check for fleas or ticks. Many dogs don’t like having baths however badly they need them! They may stink to high heaven after rolling in lovely fox poo but don’t understand that you may not find their odour so appealing!

With dogs, take bathing them slowly. If it’s warm enough bath your dog outside. Otherwise put them in the bathtub or shower tray with a rubber mat or towel on the bottom to stop them slipping, use lukewarm water, don’t get water or pet shampoo near their ears, eyes or nose and give them treats to encourage them to stay put. You can always take them to a professional dog groomer who has more specialised equipment.

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