Meat diet best for dogs

Eating meat is in their genes

Butcher’s Healthy Happy Hound report* shows that only 14% of dogs are being given a complete meaty wet dog food diet on a daily basis, while twice as many owners (29%) say they actually think their dog prefers it?

Today’s dogs like their ancestors and their wild cousins today, are carnivores. Meat should play an essential part in their diet.

Dog’s bodies are designed for meat-eating. They have short digestive tracts not suitable for digesting a high carbohydrate diet; a strong acidic stomach to help break meat down and their sharp teeth and strong jaws are designed for ripping and shredding, not grinding grains and vegetation.

Animal proteins

Dogs need protein. Their best source of protein is animal protein rather than protein from grains and seeds.

Proteins from meat are more complete as they contain all of the essential amino acids which are the building blocks that help develop muscle. When an amino acid is missing (In non-meat protein sources) complete digestion of the protein can’t take place and the dog won’t get the full benefits from the nutrients in its food or the energy it needs.

Protein is not to mention deliciously tasty too!

Meat is best

Butcher’s Pet Care meaty dog food whether in a can or a foil tray we believe are simply the best! If you were looking for a delicious meaty meal, you’d choose a juicy tender steak over a dry meaty biscuit. It’s the same for dogs.

All our pet foods are 100% complete which means your dog will get all of the nutrients and calories they need from the food, without adding anything else.

Dogs adore meaty dog food and they thrive on it. If your pet could choose we’re sure they’d pick Butcher’s.