How Often Should I Feed My Dog?

When to feed a dog?

As far as a feeding guide for dogs goes the simple answer is that most experts recommend feeding your adult dog twice a day: once in the morning and then once at night.

If you are feeding treats as rewards for a training programme make sure you cut back on the amount of dog food you are feeding. A lot depends of what type of treats you are giving the dog but a rough estimate is treats are equivalent to 10% of a dog’s calorie intake.

Dry food has more dog food calories than wet dog food gram to gram. The amount of dog food calories your pet needs is down to their breed, size and age.

Packaging information will help you work out how many calories your treats contain and therefore the balance of treats to meals.

To support your feeding routine, download our Dog Feeding Guide.

Balanced dog diet

We recommend feeding your dog on both occasions a nutritionally balanced diet with all of the key vitamins and minerals already worked out for you. It’s an exact science carefully calibrating the protein, fat and carbohydrates to achieve a premium product that will keep your dog in the best condition possible.

Butcher’s nutritionists have balanced all of the recipes in every dog food we produce so you can be rest assured the dog food is exactly what your dog needs and nothing else.

Puppies need feeding more often than dogs. They need three meals a day until they are six months old then swap to two meals a day when they are generally classed as young adults.

When to feed a dog

Avoid feeding your dog within an hour before or after very vigorous exercise as this can lead to twisted gut or a dangerous condition called bloat. You may like to feed your dog after their morning walk or after their evening walk, as long as it’s not immediately afterwards if it’s been a strenuous romp.

Exercise and food will encourage your dog to sleep if you are out for a while during the day and can help with dog separation anxiety

Monitor and record daily feeding, treat giving and exercise in your home.

Download our dog feeding chart.