How to Feed a Dog

There are no set rules on how to feed a dog but it is important to establish and maintain a feeding routine so you can monitor your dog’s feeding and their health, as well as a dog poo schedule! Download our dog feeding guide to help monitor your feeding routine.

Top tips on how to feed a dog

Set up a special place for dog feeding away from the main thoroughfare of the home, preferably somewhere relatively quiet.

Use easily cleanable stainless steel or pottery bowls. Preferably put the food bowls on a tiled or washable floor and use a wipeable feeding mat too. If you have wooden floor put down a large mat so the water and food doesn’t stain the floor surface.

Your dog will most likely eat their wet dog food quite quickly but after feeding if they have any left in the bowl throw it away to save it going stale.

Dog feeding time is usually the best part of a dog’s day so many will eat their food super quick. Your dog may have a more relaxed eating pace but generally food will be eaten within about 15 minutes. If after feeding if they have any wet dog food left in the bowl throw it away to prevent it from going stale.

It’s best for get into the habit of dog feeding at the same time every day. To teach your dog when it’s dinner time put the bowl of dog food on the floor and then move it after 15 minutes even if your dog’s still not finished it all. Do this morning and night.

Quite shortly your dog will realise this is the time they have the chance to eat so they better make the most of it!

If they have a regular routine and scheduled feeding times you’ll be able to monitor how much your dog is eating. A dog that eats regularly will also toilet regularly which makes it easier to work out when they need to go outside to do their business.

Always have a bowl of clean, fresh water available for your dog.

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Monitor and record daily feeding, treat giving and exercise in your home.

Download Dog Feeding chart.