Grain Free Dog Food

Grain & Gluten Free Dog Food

It’s likely that you know at least one or two people who cite the health benefits of going grain or gluten free. Over the past few years, gluten and grain free products have substantially increased. But what about our dogs and the food they eat?

As descendants of wolves, dogs are programmed to eat meat naturally. People have evolved their dogs’ diets to include carbohydrates as these are more convenient for the owner, and as dogs are also naturally scavengers, they will eat whatever is put in front of them! But do dogs love foods with cereals as much as those without? And are they actually good for them? Recent research from Butcher’s Pet Care has revealed that 59% of British dog owners believe their dog has a sensitive stomach, which is one of the main problems associated with eating grains or gluten.

Sadly, dogs with sensitive stomachs are not uncommon these days and the occurrence is due in part to them being fed dry dog foods which have a high cereal content. Many owners will not realise that a lot of meaty canned, tray and pouch dog foods also contain cereals or soya to bulk out the products, giving them a fuller appearance in the packaging and the bowl. At Butcher’s, we want every dog to be as Fit as a Butcher’s Dog™  so all of our meaty meals are gluten free dog food and taste great (to dogs!)

What is grain free dog food?

Grain-Free dog food is the elimination of all grains including wheat, rice, corn, barley and oats.

Not all grains are bad for dogs, Rice is often used as its easier to digest and can be found in sensitive recipes to actually aid digestion

What is gluten free dog food?

Gluten free dog food may or may not contain grain as an ingredient. Gluten is the protein that is found in specific types of grain, namely wheat, barley, and rye.

What are the benefits of grain and gluten free dog food?­

A dog’s digestive system is designed for a diet of meat, right from their sharp teeth to their highly acidic stomachs, both ideal for digesting amino acids found in meat. Bulking agents such as wheat and soya are harder for a dog to digest and can cause bowel problems, food sensitivities and allergies. Some grains are more easily digested than others, for example rice is easier to digest than wheat and provides slow-release energy which can help dogs feel fuller for longer.

Some of the benefits of rice include:

  • Helps keep dogs fuller for longer
  • May reduce dog food allergies.
  • More energy.
  • Fewer and smaller stools
  • Loose stools/diarrhoea
  • Rash and skin irritations
  • Chronic licking, chewing or biting to relieve itching
    If you have noticed any of these symptoms and are concerned about your dog, always take them to a vet to be checked.
Butcher’s grain free dog food

All Butcher’s meaty canned dog food and foil tray foods are gluten free dog foods. Grain free dog food from Butcher’s includes Puppy, Superior, Surf Turf, Tripe Mix and many more! If you are unsure, check the labels and look out for ingredients such as soya and cereals.

Butcher’s offers a range of meaty dog food in a can or a foil tray, and in a variety of delicious recipes. Each bowl of Butcher’s provides a 100% complete dinner so owners can be sure their dog is getting all the meaty proteins, vitamins and minerals they need to be as Fit as a Butcher’s Dog™. What’s more, they are made with natural ingredients. A bowl of Butcher’s has everything a dog needs and nothing it doesn’t!

If your dog isn’t presenting any symptoms of food intolerances, there may be no need to change their diet. However, if they are, by switching their food to a grain free dog food it could lead to a happier, healthier pet – and who wouldn’t want one of those!

How do I know if my dog needs a special grain or gluten free dog food?

As you might expect, symptoms of food intolerance in dogs are similar to those that would be present in people. Of the 59% who said they believed their dog has a sensitive stomach, 20% noticed excessive flatulence and 21% said their dog suffered from occasional vomiting, all of which can lead to serious health problems.

What are the most common signs of a dog food allergy?

  • Loose stools/diarrhoea
  • Rash and skin irritations
  • Chronic licking, chewing or biting to relieve itching

If you have noticed any of these symptoms and are concerned about your dog, always take them to a vet to be checked.

Your Puppy

Explore our grain free dog food range


Butcher’s Puppy

Butcher’s Puppy is a grain free puppy food. Our specially formulated puppy food recipes have 7 great health benefits ensuring your puppy will grow up full of life.

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Butcher’s Superior

Butcher’s Senior dog food is specially designed for senior dogs. It’s a grain free dog food and contains added chicory and fish oils, making it more easily digestible helping your dog stay, as Fit as a Butcher’s dog…

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Butcher’s Surf & Turf and Tripe Mix recipes are grain free dog foods. They contain no artificial preservatives or flavours. We were the first company to market a Tripe based dog food and we’re still No 1 for Tripe today, dogs love it!

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