The key to feeding your dog is to make sure their diet is complete and balanced. All of Butcher’s dog food products are 100% complete which means they are getting all the nutrients they need from their Butcher’s meals and you don’t have to worry about giving supplements and extra vitamins. Every Butcher’s product contains the perfect balance of nutrients for your dog at a particular stage of their life.

It is important to remember that dog nutrition is distinct and different to humans. There are 6 nutrient classes which a dog must have to function properly proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. Visit Dog Nutrition for more information.

When to feed your dog?

Well experts mainly recommend feeding an adult dog twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Only feed your dog after it’s been for a morning or evening walk as feeding them before can lead to a twisted gut or bloat.

Dog feeding in the morning after exercise is a great reward for when they return and the exercise encourages them to sleep if you are out for a while during the day.

How much food to feed your dog depends on their age, breed and how active they are. Dog feeding guidelines on the packaging are a guide only. Adjust this accordingly. Keep a good eye on your dog’s weight sometimes it’s hard to notice a few pounds creeping on. If they are overweight feed an alternative product with fewer calories and cut out treats to help with dog weight loss.

The best food for puppies isn’t always the same as the best food for adult dogs. Pups need to be fed around three times a day as they have smaller tummies and can’t digest the food as easily.

Dog superfood

Butcher’s was the first company to market tripe based dog food over 25 years ago and we’re still No 1 for tripe dog food today. Tripe is a superfood for dogs. It’s rich in many natural nutrients like Omega 3 and 6, enzymes and probiotics which are essential ingredients in dog nutrition.

Tripe also contains naturally occurring gastric juices and amino acids from the animal’s digestive process. Gastric juices are an excellent cleaner for your dog’s teeth. Amino acids are necessary for proper muscular development.

How to feed your dog?

Feeding time is often the highlight of a dog’s day so many will scoff the food as soon as their bowl hits the ground.

Other dogs may be fussier and take their time over their food, being a bit more finicky, maybe showing his preferences by the speed in which they eat.

It’s best to establish a permanent routine for meals so your dog knows when it is dinner time.

If you want to get a new dog onto a schedule for eating or you want to retrain your current dog, put the bowl of food out on the floor for a quarter of an hour in the morning and then move it regardless of whether your dog has eaten all of their food.

Later on that day do the same thing for their evening feeding time, placing their bowl of food on the floor at the time you intend to feed your dog every day, leave it for 15 minutes and then once again take the bowl away.

Your dog will soon pick up on the fact that this is the new feeding time and if they don’t want to be hungry it’s their window for eating their food.

If they have a proper routine and scheduled feeding times you’ll be able to tell how much your dog is eating. You’ll also be able to see if your dog isn’t eating which may signal that something is wrong health wise and may need a check up with the vet.

Once your dog is on a feeding schedule they’ll also be more predictable in their toileting schedule. Dogs’ digestive systems often run like clockwork so give them a chance to go outside to eliminate after they’ve eaten.

Dog nutrition

Dog nutrition is just as important and complex as that of humans. So what do dogs eat and what dog nutrients do they need? One essential ingredient in dog nutrition is protein. Their best source of protein is animal protein rather than protein from grains and seeds.

Proteins from meat are more complete as they contain all of the essential amino acids which are the building blocks that help develop muscle.

When an amino acid is missing (in non-meat protein sources) complete digestion of the protein can’t take place and the dog won’t get the full benefits from the nutrients in its food or the energy it needs.

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Special Dog Diets

At different stages of life dogs need different nutrients. Butcher’s provide dog food for those different dog nutritional requirements .

Our puppy food has added calcium and minerals for strong teeth and bone growth. It’s specially developed for growing puppies with B vitamins for healthy growth and development. It’s higher in calories too.

Senior dogs need less protein and fat as they are no longer as active as they once were and their digestive system and joints need extra help too. Senior dog food recipes have added chicory and sunflower oil to make it easier to digest. Our canned recipes contain salmon oil which is high in Omega 3 to help ease stiff joints.

For dogs with weight to lose our Lean and Tasty dog food recipes have all of the meaty goodness of our standard product but with 30% less fat and fewer calories. You won’t be depriving your dog; it’s a nutritious and delicious meal and your dog probably won’t notice the difference.

Butcher’s Simply Gentle recipes are gentle on the stomach as they are made with tasty animal proteins and rice that are easily digestible. They also contain added prebiotic to support good digestive health.

Superior is for a more varied diet and to offer different recipes which are 100% complete, Braised Beef & Fresh English Duck, Juicy Chicken & Succulent Venison, Fresh English Duck & Tender Chicken which are gluten and grain free.

At Butcher’s we believe what we leave out of our food is just as important as what we put in & that’s why our recipes are:

  • Free from Artificial Flavours – Ensuring a great natural taste every meal time
  • Free from Wheat & Soya Bulking Agents – Ensuring each meal is packed full of natural meaty goodness
  • Free from Wheat Gluten – Suitable for sensitive stomachs
  • Free from Meat Meals – All our recipes are freshly prepared
    Butcher’s All Natural Meaty Goodness with added essential Vitamins and Minerals make for great tasting, Complete & Balanced recipes at every meal time.

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