Sparkling Eyes

The eyes have it

Looking deep into your dog’s eyes is something we highly recommend. You can tell a lot about a dog’s health through his eyes!

By inspecting your dog’s eyes regularly you can pick up on any tearing, redness or cloudiness. Watch out for gunk and discharge, tear-stained fur, cloudiness or pupils that are different sizes.

What is good for sparkly eyes?

Vitamin A plays an important role in vision. It acts as a barrier to bacteria and viruses by maintaining the surface linings of the eyes. It fights infections and helps dogs see in the dark.

If there is a lack of Vitamin A in your dog’s diet his eyes may look a bit dull.

How to get Vitamin A from food?

Your dog should get all of the Vitamin A it needs from a good, healthy dog food.

Butcher’s dog’s food is nutritionally balanced with all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs for a healthy and happy life.

We do our bit to make sure your dog is bright eyed if not bushy tailed as well!

Wash and wipe

Sometimes bits of dirt and grit get into the eye. You can carefully wipe your dog’s eyes with a damp cotton wall ball. Wipe from the inside – outwards and don’t touch the eyeball itself as you don’t want to scratch its delicate surface.

Heads first

There’s nothing a dog likes better than feeling the wind in their fur as they stick their head out of your car window. It may be a lot of fun but it can be hard on its eyes.  Flying grit or dust can get into their eyes causing miniature scratches and eye irritation. Be sure to try and wash their eyes if this occurs

When to see the vet

If your dog keeps getting runny eyes or discharge it’s best to see your vet. Some breeds of dog are more prone to eye problems than others so check out if yours is one of them.