Dog Health Check

10 tips on giving your dog a weekly health check

A weekly health check is a great time to show attention and bond with your pet. The more familiar you become with his body the more likely it is you’ll notice if anything is wrong. For that reason the same person should carry out the weekly check.

1. Grooming your dog is a good place to start. Different breeds need different amounts of brushing but most dogs could do with a going over once a week. Get rid of any mats and tangles and check for fleas or ticks.

2. Run your hands over his head and body to check for any lumps and bumps. Feel for anything that seems out of the ordinary.

3. Gently open each eye using your forefinger and thumb to check for discharge or grit.

4. Check the nostrils making sure they are clean and dry.

5. Open the flaps of each ear check inside and outside of the ear. If there’s any wax carefully clean with a special ear cleaning solution. Never put anything like a cotton wool bud into your dog’s ear as it could damage it.

6. Have a look in your dog’s mouth. Check his teeth are clean and his gums and tongue look healthy. Check his breath. It probably isn’t ever the sweetest smelling but if it’s worse than usual it may be a sign of infection.

7. Check his toes and feet. Make sure there are no splits in the webbing of the toes. Look for any dreaded grass seeds that may be about to enter up by his toes that could travel around his body.

8. Check the paw pads for any damage and ensure the nails and fur aren’t too long, this can cause him to slip on smooth surfaces

9. Have a look at his tail and bum area. Make sure it’s clean and not overly smelly. Trim any long hair.

10. If your dog is on a weight control programme, weigh him and record his progress. Canine obesity is a growing health problem.