Your Dog

Your Dog

Butcher’s Dogs Got Talent!

We love seeing how clever your dogs are. Our new Facebook competition invites you to send in snaps or vids of your family dog’s best trick! There are two categories, BEST PHOTO and BEST VIDEO. The best photo will win a special Butcher’s goody hamper. The best video will win a month’s supply of Butcher’s. So get your smart phones out and capture your dog’s talent!


Dog Behaviour

A dog’s behaviour is often dependent on what they have been taught as well as their instinct. Understanding and knowing how to improve poor dog behaviour can transform your relationship with your pet. Discover dog training tips and information on common dog behaviour issues, such as excessive barking and separation anxiety.

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Dog Nutrition & Feeding

A well balanced diet is essential for your dog’s wellbeing and vitality and at Butcher’s we believe dogs love and thrive on meat. Learn about the fundamentals of dog nutrition and access our dog feeding guide to support you with your dog feeding routine.

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Our Story

We are a British family firm whose heritage in farming and as butchers stretches 3 generations. For nearly 30 years we have used our unique skills and meat expertise to specialise in making great tasting meaty meals that dogs love and thrive on; it’s our passion!

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Dog Ownership

Dog ownership is a privilege and dog training is essential if you want them to grow up into a happy dog. Puppy and dog training is important for you to get the best out of your relationship. Visit this section for dog care advice and training tips.

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Dog Health

To help your dog live a healthy life, here are some of the more common dog health issues, their signs and what you can do about them including; skin complaints and allergies, tummy upsets, ear and eye infections. We’ve also got the low down on dog vaccinations and what they’re for and when they’re needed.

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Which Dog Food

Meal times are happy times for dogs and it’s our aim to provide great tasting meaty meals that dogs love every dinner time! There are so many different dog food options out there. Learn about the best dog food for puppies to senior dogs.

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Visit our new online stockists page

Check out our new stockists page and find out where you can buy Butcher’s products online.


Why dogs love meat

Dogs love meaty dog food and they thrive on it. If your pet could choose we’re sure they’d pick Butcher’s. It’s our aim to provide great tasting meaty meals that dogs love every dinner time!

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Explore our range


Butcher’s Simply Gentle

Butcher’s Simply Gentle recipes are gentle on the stomach as they are made with tasty animal proteins and rice that are easily digestible and with added prebiotic to support good digestive health.

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Butcher’s Lean & Tasty

Butcher’s Lean & Tasty has all of the meaty goodness of our standard product but with 30% less fat* and fewer calories. It has added L-Carnitine, to help get your dog back to their ideal weight and maintain it.

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Butcher’s is soya and gluten free dog food with no artificial preservatives and flavours. We were the first company to market a tripe based dog food and we’re still no 1 for tripe today, dogs love it!

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Have we answered all your questions? Gain further explanations and answers about Butcher’s dog food.

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