Grain Free Cat Food

It’s likely that you know at least one or two people who cite the health benefits of going grain or gluten-free. Over the past few years, free from gluten and grain products have substantially increased. But what about our cats and the food they eat?

You only have to look at a cat’s razor sharp teeth and powerful jaws to know that cats are, by nature, primarily meat eaters and hunters – the ultimate carnivores which is why meat protein is an important part of cat nutrition. Plants, including cereals, are not natural foods for cats. Wheat, which contains gluten, falls into this category and can cause gluten intolerance.

Cats need meat to get their essential nutrients making them obligate carnivores. Taurine is a key part of cat nutrition and cat health because a deficiency can cause serious eye and heart diseases to develop. Cats also find it hard to digest plant and vegetable proteins like gluten because of their short digestive tracts.

Sadly, sensitive stomachs in cats are not uncommon these days and the occurrence is due in part to them being fed dry cat foods which have a high cereal content. Many owners will not realise that a lot of meaty canned, tray and pouch foods also contain cereals or soya which are used to bulk out the products, giving them a fuller appearance in the packaging and the bowl. At Butcher’s, we want every cat to be happy and healthy so all of our meaty meals are free from cereal and soya making them Wheat Gluten-free cat food that taste great too!

What are the benefits of grain free cat food?­

A cat’s digestive system is designed for a diet of meat, right from their sharp teeth to their highly acidic stomachs and short digestive tract, both ideal for digesting amino acids found in meat. Whilst protein can be gained from cereals and grains they are not quality proteins, as they lack essential amino acids making them incomplete proteins. In addition to this 80% of protein in cereal is wheat gluten which as we know can cause allergies in cats. This can be seen in their coat, digestion, movements, weight loss, energy and behaviour.

Some grains are more easily digested than others, for example rice is easier to digest than wheat and provides slow-release energy which can help cats feel fuller for longer.

More and more cats and dogs are becoming wheat gluten intolerant.

How do I know if my cat needs a special grain free cat food?

Cat Food Allergy Symptoms

As you might expect, symptoms of food intolerances in a cat are similar to those that would be present in people.

Cat food allergy symptoms include:

  • Intestinal lesions
  • Diarrhoea or constipation
  • Weight loss

If you have noticed any of these symptoms and are concerned about your cat, always take them to a vet to be checked over.

Cat food for sensitive stomachs

All Butcher’s meaty canned cat food are wheat gluten free cat foods. Grain free cat food from Butcher’s includes Butcher’s Classic and Butcher’s Really cat food range! If you are unsure, check the labels and look out for ingredients such as soya and cereals.

Butcher’s offers a range of meaty cat food in a can and in a variety of delicious recipes. Each bowl of Butcher’s provides a 100% complete dinner so owners can be sure their cat is getting all the meaty proteins, vitamins and minerals they need to be happy, healthy and active. What’s more, they are made with natural ingredients. A bowl of Butcher’s has everything a cat needs and nothing it doesn’t!

If your cat isn’t presenting any symptoms of food intolerances, there may be no need to change their diet. However, if they are, by switching their food to a grain free cat food it could lead to a happier, healthier cat – and who wouldn’t want one of those!