Cats are as unique as people. Their personalities and looks may be radically different from the silky pedigree to the scruffy moggie, but one thing that they all have in common is their love of meat and fish. A well-balanced meat or fish based cat food is essential for your cat’s health. Cats are carnivores and need the nutrients found in animal proteins to keep them well and active. There’s no such thing as a vegetarian cat, have you seen their razor sharp teeth!

The importance of a prepared cat food diet

Some owners, for the very best of intentions, think that home cooking and preparing their cat’s food themselves is better for them than cat food. This is definitely not the case as it doesn’t contain all of the nutrients that cats need to thrive and stay healthy and active. Human food just does not meet cat nutrition needs.

What goes into Butcher’s cat food?

Butcher’s Really or Butcher’s Classic are the perfect cat food choices. At Butcher’s we are all about meat, using our expertise to create nutritionally balanced meals which contain everything your cat needs and nothing it doesn’t.

Butcher’s Classic is a 100% complete food for adult cats. Grain free, made with natural ingredients and supports healthy teeth & bones.

Butcher’s Classic comes in six different flavours within the meat and fish varieties:

  • Chicken, Game and Beef in the meat selection
  • Haddock, Ocean Fish and Trout in the fish selection

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Butcher’s Really Fishy and Really Meaty recipes contain 25 essential nutrients a cat needs to stay active. They contain salmon oil for joint health and pro-biotics to help boost immunity. They are also cereal and soya free so are easily digestible.

There are six different recipes:

  • Tasty Salmon, Divine Ocean Fish and Delicious Haddock in the Really Fishy menus.
  • Juicy Lamb, Tender Chicken, and Tasty Beef in the Really Meaty selection.

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Types of cat food

Cat food comes in different forms, wet cat food, dry cat food or a mixed diet.

Wet cat food has a high moisture content. It’s juicier and often more palatable to cats. It includes tins, foil trays and pouches.

Dry cat food comes in pellet or kibble form. It may also come in a biscuit form which is often in a smaller pouch or bag to be offered infrequently as treats for your cat. Cat biscuits may be semi moist with a chewy texture. Dry foods have low moisture content so cats on a dry food diet will need to drink more water.

Some owners may prefer a mixed diet, maybe adding some kibble to a meaty tin of cat food or offering wet cat food for one meal and leaving a portion of kibble in the cat’s bowl during the day for them to snack on.

The type of cat food you choose depends on your cat’s preference and what works best for you and your cat in terms of feeding routines. Dry cat food has more calories by weight than wet cat food so it’s harder to overfeed your cat on a wet food diet.

A cat should always have access to clean, fresh water. Find out more about feeding cats.

Complete or complementary?

A complete cat food means it has all of the nutrients in the amounts and proportions your cat needs. All Butcher’s cat food products are complete so you don’t have to feed them anything in addition.

Complementary cat food is just part of a cat’s diet. They are often marketed as cat treats and should only be fed to your cat in moderation, they tend to be high on the calorie side and too many can lead to weight gain.

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