Butcher’s Classic



Butcher’s Classic

We all enjoy feeding our cats a variety of food but they gain optimal nutrition by eating their natural diet of meat and fish; not cereals, grains or vegetables. This is what their bodies are naturally designed to digest, helping them stay at their healthiest from the inside out.

At Butcher’s we have three generations of British farming heritage and pet care expertise. We are passionate about caring for your pets… and love cats!

That’s why we guarantee that our food for cats won’t contain grains, cereals or artificial ingredients. Only delicious meaty and fishy goodness, carefully sourced and prepared to keep your cat healthy and happy.

  • Butcher’s Classic® is a 100% Complete food for adult cats:
    • Grain & Gluten free
    • With Vitamin D & minerals for healthy teeth & bones
    • No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
    • Healthy eyes & heart from essential taurine
    • High in natural protein providing essential amino acid for healthy muscles
    • Nutritionally balanced and 100% Complete
Sizes: 6 x 400g, 12 x 400g, 24 x 400g

Chunks in jelly:

  • Chicken, Game and Beef in the meat selection
  • Haddock, Ocean Fish and Trout in the fish selection
  • Haddock, Beef, Chicken, Ocean Fish in the variety selection


with Trout: Meat & Animal Derivatives, Fish & Fish Derivatives (4%, of which Trout 100%), Minerals.

with Ocean Fish: Meat & Animal Derivatives, Fish & Fish Derivatives (4%, of which Ocean Fish 100%), Minerals.

with Haddock: Meat & Animal Derivatives, Fish & Fish Derivatives (4%, of which Haddock 100%), Minerals.

with Game: Meat & Animal Derivatives(46%, of which Game 9%), Minerals.

with Beef: Meat & Animal Derivatives (46%, of which Beef 9%), Minerals.

with Chicken: Meat & Animal Derivatives (46%, of which Chicken 60%), Minerals.

Natural Ingredients min 99%.

ADDITIVES (for all varieties): Nutritional Additives (/kg): Taurine 453mg, Vitamins: Vitamin A 1000 I.U., Vitamin D3 200 I.U.

Trace Elements (mg/kg): Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 69, Calcium Iodate Anhydrous 0.16, Sodium Selenite Anhydrous 0.07.

Technological Additives (g/kg): Cassia Gum 1.4.

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS (for all varieties) (%): Protein 8.5, Crude Fibre 0.2, Fat Content 5.5, Crude Ash 2, Moisture 82.


Classic Cat is fortified with taurine – what’s that?

Taurine is a natural amino acid that is necessary for maintaining a healthy heart.

Why is taurine such an essential part of a cat’s diet?

Cats, unlike most other mammals are unable to make their own taurine so need to get it from their diets.

If they don’t get enough it can harm their hearts and vision.

Deficiency can lead to something called cardiomyopathy. This can cause dilation on the left side of your cat’s heart which can lead to a number of heart problems.

Several recent studies have shown that once taurine levels are returned back to normal, the dilation stops.

Taurine is also needed for the retina of a cat’s eye. A deficiency of taurine will lead to the retina degenerating, leading to total blindness over a period of time.

Butcher’s® Classic™ cat food is fortified with taurine so you can rest assured that your cat has the required levels for a healthy heart and vision.

Classic Cat is grain and gluten free – why is that good?

Wheat gluten accounts for approximately 80% of the protein content of the grain and some cats are allergic to it.

Wheat gluten can irritate the digestive tract causing intestinal lesions, diarrhoea or constipation and weight loss to name but a few.

If wheat gluten isn’t digested properly it can produce a toxin which is generally believed to be the cause of all of the issues related to gluten insensitivity.

More and more cats and dogs are becoming gluten intolerant.

What is the problem?

The simple truth is that cats are, by nature, primarily meat eaters. Plants including cereals are not natural foods for cats, wheat, which contains gluten falls into this category and can cause gluten intolerance.

Cats need meat to get a lot of the essential nutrients needed for health, like taurine, and they find it hard to digest plant and vegetable proteins like gluten.
Here at Butchers we produce Classic™ which is free from gluten, high in meat and fish content and is the natural way to feed your cat. It’s food that is good for her and food she will love.