What is Meat and Animal Derivatives?

Meat and animal derivatives consist of liver, lungs and heart sourced from animals fit for human consumption. This is a good source of protein and is tasty too!

What is crude ash?

Crude ash represents the total amount of all the minerals found in the dog food. Ash consists of minerals and bone content.

Butcher’s products average between 2 – 4% which is typical for all wet dog food.

What is fresh in our recipes?

Butcher’s products are typically 30% fresh. The ingredients we use that are fresh are the main ingredients, meat.

Do we use milk/lactose products or eggs?

We don’t use any milk/lactose or eggs in our wet canned pet foods. We use some egg in our dry product for its superior protein quality. Egg protein is well balanced with essential amino acids.

Do we use yeast?

In some products we use an ingredient which comes from yeast. This creates friendly bacteria in the gut and helps aid digestion. 

What is the percentage of carbohydrate in the food?

Carbohydrates in our wet products are typically between 2% to 4%. The carbohydrate content in our dry food is around 45%. This is typical for the format of dog food

Can you freeze the food?

There’s no need to freeze our products. They stay shelf-fresh in their packaging or until the best before date. Once opened partially used products can be frozen in a suitable sealed container, if you ever need to. The frozen food must be brought back to room temperature before feeding. Dog food can be frozen for your average length of human food.

Is there phosphorous, sugar and salt content in Butcher’s products?

Small amount of sugar is used in the form of our canned product as a processing aid. In most of our products in foil trays a small quantity of salt is added for taste. Phosphorus is in all of our products as with calcium and vitamin D it helps with bone development. 

Do Butcher’s test on animals?

We do not carry out invasive testing or work with captive animals. We use a panel of dog and cat tasters in their everyday environment under approved conditions.
Butcher’s only carry out palatability tests, to make sure everything we produce is as delicious as your dog expects! 

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes, our steel cans and paper labels are fully recyclable. The foil trays are made from aluminium which is recyclable and the outer carton is made from recycled materials and is also recyclable.

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