Fittest Dog Competition

Overall Fittest Dog in the UK Champion 2015 and National Small Fittest Dog in the UK 2015 Champion

Bobby & owner Sara

The seven year old well-loved family pet bound his way to the judging panel and into their hearts! With his seven hour daily walks accompanying other dogs and still enough energy to play fetch in the evenings, Bobby definitely deserved to be crowned the National Fittest Dog in the UK 2015!

National Medium Fittest Dog in the UK 2015 Champion

Scout & owner Tracey

Scout has defied the odds! Scout is blind and yet has learnt to run at speed using his other senses and to play with other dogs to gain the most from life. He is the perfect example to prove that all dogs can be Fit as a Butcher’s dog!

National Large Fittest Dog in the UK 2015 Champion

Otto & owner Nichola

This beautiful 4 year old Vizla has it all to win the title of the large dog size category: strength, agility and looks! Two hour walk every day and even more at the weekend, Otto is full of life and energy.

Congratulations to all our winners proving that their dogs are as Fit as a Butcher’s dog.  Our three winners will receive a year’s supply of Butcher’s dog food, including the newly launched ranges: Simply Gentle, Butcher’s Superior and Surf & Turf, giving more choice for owners to help their dogs be as Fit as a Butcher’s dog™.

A big thank you to all our entrants and to everyone who voted. The Fittest Dog in the UK 2015 search has been a real success and we were thrilled to see all your great entries!

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