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Brits are MAD about their pets!

BPC-INFOGRAPHIC-THUMBNAILWe all know that British people are fanatical about their pets, but are they going a bit too far? We asked over 300 pet owners about their habits … the results speak for themselves! Read more

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How to choose a cat that’s right for you

So you’ve decidedCuddling cat to get a cat. They make fantastic and loving pets but it’s important to pick one that’s right for you.

A cat may with you for 10 to 20 years so it pays to put some thought into the decision.  Do you want a male or female?  A kitten or mature cat?  A pedigree or moggy?  There are plenty of things to think about:  Read more

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The ultimate guide to housetraining a puppy

Purebred Cocker SpanielStart toilet training your puppy as soon as you get them home. You’ll be amazed at how often they need to go, so it takes vigilance and patience on your part.

You’ll soon develop a unique understanding of your puppy’s toilet habits and be able to second guess them. Read more

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The complete guide to training your dog

shutterstock_154621265If you want a happy and well-behaved dog, training is essential. It benefits you and your dog. They enjoy mental stimulation and physical exercise. Obedient dogs are easier to manage, a pleasure to own and easier to love. Read more

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The complete guide to puppy proofing your home

naughty playful puppy dog after biting a pillow tired of hard woIt’s the day your new puppy finally comes to join your family. You’ve heard about child proofing your home well puppy proofing is just as important to keep the new addition to your family safe and your home in one piece!

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Senior dog food: when to switch and why it’s important

senior dogOn average dogs reach senior age when they are 8 years old. As we get older we start to slow down and become vulnerable to illness. It is same for our four legged friends. Nutrition plays a vital role to ensure healthy living. Senior dog foods which have health benefits specific to age are beneficial to dogs as they get older.

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Facts about cat nutrition: what your cat needs

bigstock-Alert-catEvery cat owner knows that cats are very particular creatures, but did you know that your cat requires up to 41 essential nutrients in their diet in comparison to just 37 in dogs?

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Top tips on how to help your dog lose weight

shutterstock_123969814As a nation of dog-lovers, we all want our faithful four-legged friends to stay happy, healthy and fit for as long as possible, but making sure weight doesn’t creep on can be a challenge for some. Read more

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The truth behind your cat’s behaviour

A stray cat walking on a wallHow do cats communicate?

Cats are not a lot different to us in that they use their voice and body language to communicate with their family, both human and feline. The challenge is that their owners need to learn to interpret what they are saying, and this takes practice.

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Benefits of wet dog food

Hungry dog eating food from bowlButcher’s Healthy Happy Hound report* shows that only 14% of dogs are being given a complete meaty wet dog food diet on a daily basis, while twice as many owners (29%) say they actually think their dog prefers it?

Today’s dogs, like their ancestors and their wild cousins, are carnivores. Meat should play an essential part in their diet and is food they will eat with real pleasure. Read more

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