Butcher’s Heritage

A Proud History


Where it all began

The Butcher’s story starts in the 1930s with Fred and Alice Baker, who owned a butchers shop and then a small farm to make secure their family home and raise their four sons. Over the next 30 years, Fred and his sons built their family business of rearing and the sale of livestock and then the preparation and sale of quality British meat to local markets and butchers as far afield as Birmingham and London. In the 60s, under the management of the 2nd generation of Bakers, the business grew and began supplying the grocery chain J Sainsbury’s. Graham Baker, the youngest of the family, took meat knowledge one step further and studied at Blackpool Meat College, gaining a Final Certificate in Meat Technology which he put to good use back at the family business throughout the 70’s and into the 80’s.

Graham’s passion for and in-depth knowledge of meat lead to the development of the first Tripe Mix canned dog food recipe which he sold to Tesco and J Sainsbury’s on a sale or return basis in 1987. Within 2 weeks, Butcher’s Tripe Mix was proven to be a big hit with dog owners (and their dogs!) and the number of stores that Butcher’s Tripe Mix was sold in doubled and that is how the Butcher’s brand began.

Passion & pride at the heart of our family business

Family is at the heart of what we do. We are a third generation family run business whose passion for delivery of quality pet foods for dogs and cats still drives us today. Graham successfully Chairs and manages Butcher’s Pet Care Ltd today and his son, Will, works in the business too. The team at Butcher’s Pet Care includes many ‘father son’ and ‘father daughter’ relationships across the business and the Product Development team includes members who made the first Tripe Mix recipe almost 30 years ago.

We are also extremely proud of our supplier relationships built over eight decades of buying and supplying quality ingredients for human and pet food consumption. These relationships are built upon the trust we have with our suppliers to meet our high standards, many of whom are family run too, including one of our biggest fresh ingredients suppliers who is just half an hour away. Together we continually strive to not only deliver quality ingredients but also to innovate to meet the changing needs of our consumers.

Dogs and cats in your family

It’s not all about the nation’s dogs, Butcher’s also make great tasting meals for cats too! Butcher’s Pet Care prides itself in making more natural dog food and cat food, which is delicious and 100% complete and balanced. We can do this because it’s all we do; make great tasting pet foods that cats and dogs love and thrive on; it’s our passion!