The Butcher’s
10-Day Taste Challenge!

9 out of 10 owners would recommend Butcher’s dog food

It’s official! Britain’s dogs love Butcher’s. How do we know? Because following the Butcher’s 10-Day Taste Challenge, 9 out of 10 owners confirmed that their “dogs love Butcher’s” and that they devoured the meaty recipes on offer.

As part of the 10-Day Taste Challenge 100 dogs from across the UK were invited to swap their regular meals for 10 days with a variety of recipes from Butcher’s. And the results speak for themselves as 8 out of 10 of owners will continue to feed their dog Butcher’s and 86% (almost 9 out of 10!) are happy to recommend to other owners.

The delicious meals made with fresh meat, natural ingredients and no artificial flavourings went down well with the challengers and the proof was an empty bowl, with 74% of bowls being licked clean, and changes in the appearance of the dogs, with 8 out of 10 owners giving their dogs 8 or above (out of 10) for a very shiny coat and for very bright eyes.

Why not take the Taste Challenge for yourself and serve Butcher’s for 10-days to see what a difference great tasting nutritious Butcher’s dinners make.  Don’t just take our word for it; read and see what some of the Challengers had to say.

“The 10-Day Taste Challenge definitely gets 10 woofs out of 10 from Pickle! People have commented on the improvement they have seen in him, he has put on some much needed weight and his coat is really shiny. Pickle ate everything that was given to him without any problem – we had empty tins and bowls every day. Pickle’s dad, Cracker, felt left out and even took part in the challenge too, so it is 100% approved by both!”

Lucy Weston, Pickle’s owner

“We’ve noticed a great change in K9 since he started the 10-Day Taste Challenge. Not only does he have lovely bright eyes and silky soft fur, but we think he is also a lot fitter and full of energy. K9 enjoyed the foil trays, (not so much the tins!) but would have loved to have some fish flavours too. A big thanks again for picking him.”

Tina Knowles, K9’s owner

“Thanks for choosing Spencer to take part in the Butcher’s 10-Day Taste Challenge. He thought it was scrummy and even went back to check his bowl was definitely empty after trying the Tripe and Turkey! His tail was always wagging when his dinner was set down in front of him.”

Charlie Anstey, Spencer’s owner

Before the Challenge…

I’m delighted we have been chosen to take part in the 10-Day Taste Challenge. Like most dogs, mealtimes are one of the most anticipated parts of the day for Bruno and it will be interesting to see how he reacts to the new meaty meals on offer.

After the Challenge…

Bruno loved every meal he was given on the 10-Day Taste Challenge. You could actually see the excitement on his face when it came to mealtime. Thank you for choosing him to take part.

Butcher’s offers a range of meaty dog food in a can or a foil tray in a variety of delicious recipes. Butcher’s can be fed on its own as a main meal or to add natural meaty taste to a dry food. All of Butcher’s delicious dinners are 100% complete so dog owners can be sure every dish contains all of the essential nutrients your dog requires.