10-Day Taste Challenge

At Butcher’s Pet Care, we believe dogs will enjoy their dinner so much more when they are served one of our tasty meaty meals.

Why? Because every dinner time, you’ll be giving your dog a tasty meal made with fresh meat, no artificial flavourings and natural ingredients, guaranteed to get them licking their lips.

Each delicious meaty recipe has been developed with leading nutritionists so you can be sure your dog is getting all the meaty protein, vitamins and minerals they need to be as Fit as a Butcher’s dog™. What’s more, there are no artificial flavourings and no fillers such as soya or wheat, so they are gluten free too. A tasty bowl of Butcher’s has everything that your dog needs and nothing it doesn’t!

Take up the Butcher’s 10-Day Taste Challenge! Swap your dog’s normal meals for 10 days and share your dog’s experience on Facebook!  See how happy Butcher’s can make them!

We’d love to see and hear how you get on, post your dog’s 10-Day Taste Challenge experience on Facebook!

Butcher’s offers a range of meaty dog food in a can or a foil tray in a variety of delicious recipes. Butcher’s can be fed on its own as a main meal or to add natural meaty taste to a dry food. All of Butcher’s delicious dinners are 100% complete so dog owners can be sure every dish contains all of the essential nutrients your dog requires.

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