About Butcher’s

About Butcher’s

Butcher’s Heritage

We are a British family firm whose heritage in farming and as butchers stretches 3 generations. For nearly 30 years we have used our unique skills and meat expertise to specialise in making great tasting meaty meals that dogs love and thrive on; it’s our passion!


Butcher’s Pet Care is a family firm competing in a global market. If you work for us we will look after you and encourage you to reach your full potential. Butcher’s Pet Care is a great place to work we want to help develop your career in the area that is right for you. The further you go, the further we’ll go.

Brits & their pets

It’s true – Brits are mad about their pets!

We conducted a survey of 300 pet owners to find out how crazy Brits are about their pets and we have uncovered some interesting results which we have shared as a fun infographic.

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